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Rim Cylinder Deadlocks

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LL930HL - Rim Cylinder Deadlock with Sliding Bolt

Brass with slide bolt on one side

€54.00 (incl. VAT)

TEHDOOR - Rim Cylinder Deadlock with Push Bolt

This heavy duty sliding bolt door lock has been designed for use on steel fabricated garage doors. However, it can also be used as extra security on front doors, side gates, shed doors etc. Because it fits on the inside of the door, all the potential burglar sees from the outside is the high security cylinder which leaves them with highly limited opportunity to attack or otherwise remove the door lock. The sliding bolt on the inside means that no key is necessary to open the lock from the inside which makes it safe in the event of fire (ie no delay looking for keys etc.).

€54.00 (incl. VAT)

LL3932HL - Rim Cylinder Deadlock with Double-Sided Keyway

Brass, double-sided keyway

€61.38 (incl. VAT)