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Key Accessories

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ELPH1 - Acrylic Key Chain

An acrylic key chain with steel split ring. Measures 46mm x 60mm.

€1.85 (incl. VAT)

EL141CHR - 8mm x 80mm Carabiner

8mm x 80mm Carabiner. Available in assorted colours.

€2.64 (incl. VAT)

ELOFS164 - Magnetic Key Holder

This large magnetic key holder is designed to attach to the underside of the car, the idea being that you keep a spare key to the car inside it. However, it is also suitable for hiding a spare house key or other keys that need to be concealed.

€5.45 (incl. VAT)

EL203K - Stainless Steel Key Retriever

43mm Stainless Steel Key Retriever. Round body with steel ring, back and clip. 36" steel cable.

€8.25 (incl. VAT)

ELTP283 - 12 x Wrist Coil Key Chains

Wrist Coil Key Chains in attactive range of colours. Ideal for use in gyms, swimming pools or on the sports field for keeping your locker key on you. Priced per card of 12.

€15.01 (incl. VAT)

ELTP4381 - 12 x Key Cable Hook & Ring

Plastic cable and hook with steel ring. It is priced per card of 12 and each card comes with 3 of each colour - yellow, blue, red and black. Each Cable Hook & Ring measures 3.2mm x 12cm.

€16.65 (incl. VAT)

EL11123CL - 12 x 75mm Swivel Snap Hook & Ring

Swivel Snap Hook & Ring 75mm in assorted colours of blue, green, red, golden and purple. Priced per card of 12.

€27.85 (incl. VAT)

ELKTB08 - 200pce Display Box of Key Tags

200 pce Display Box Key Tags. Each box contains 25 key tags across eight different colours - red, yellow, brown, blue, orange, black, green and white.

€28.50 (incl. VAT)

ELKT328KP - 400pce Display Box of Key Caps

A display box of 400 assorted colour key caps measuring 26mm x 20mm. It is priced per display box and each box contains 50 key caps in 8 different colours.

€36.25 (incl. VAT)

ELTP60970 - 300pce Display of Split Key Rings

300pce Display Box of Steel Split Key Rings

€36.25 (incl. VAT)