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Stick 2 Adhesives

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4gr Superglue Remover

Stick 2 Superglue Remover is a solvent based liquid for easy removal of cyanoacrylate based adhesives. Can be used on most surfaces and for removing residue of adhesive from skin.

€2.34 (incl. VAT)

3gr Superglue Gel

Stick 2 Superglue Gel will bond most common materials. The high viscosity formula is ideal for non-drip, vertical, porus or small gap filling applications.

€2.34 (incl. VAT)

5gr All Purpose Superglue

Stick 2 All Purpose Superglue Tube fills gaps up to 0.1mm and bonds non-porous surfaces such as plastics, metals, PVCu, rubber, ceramics and much more. 1 minute instant bond.

€3.01 (incl. VAT)

30ml Contact Adhesive

Stick 2 Contact Adhesive is a premium grade rubber based contact adhesive suitable for internal and external use with decorative laminate, trim, wood, rigid PVC, ABS, leather, cork, linoleum, rubber, stone, metals and dense fabrics. 1 minute instant bond.

€3.87 (incl. VAT)

30ml Hard Plastic Adhesive

Stick 2 Hard Plastic Adhesive is a strong, clear, quick drying adhesive suitable for bonding most hard plastics such as rigid PVC, acrylic, polycarbonate and ABS. Ideal for repairs to guttering, cills and bonding uPVC and ABS non pressure pipework. Temperature resistant to 100C.

€3.87 (incl. VAT)

50gr Epoxy Putty

Stick 2 Epoxy Putty is a two component epoxy based putty for repairing, bonding, sealing and rebuilding virtually any material. Will adhere to wet surfaces, totally waterproof once dried.

€4.18 (incl. VAT)

Rapid Epoxy Tube

<p>Stick 2 Rapid Epoxy Tube is an industrial strength, two part clear adhesive system which sets hard in just 4 minutes. Ideal for bonding most materials and once cured can be drilled, sanded and painted. For industry and home.</p>

€5.41 (incl. VAT)

Rapid Epoxy Syringe

Stick 2 Rapid Epoxy Syringe is an industrial strength, two part clear adhesive which sets hard in just 4 minutes. Will bond metals, crockery, glass, wood, concrete, rubber, fabrics, crystal, jewellery and various hard plasics. Once cured may be drilled, sanded or painted. For industry and home.

€6.09 (incl. VAT)

500ml Contact Adhesive Spray

Stick 2 Spray Contact Adhesive is a sprayable glue which bonds to most common materials including wood, concrete, stone, tiles, rubber, foam, metals, rigid plastics, polyethylene, canvas fabrics, cardboard, paper and cork. Ideal for securing most carpets/floor coverings. Suitable for internal and external use, giving permanent or temporary adhesion.

€10.70 (incl. VAT)