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Decorating Tools, Sanding & Abrasives

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5 Sheets, Coarse Sand Paper

For heavy removal of paint and varnish

€3.51 (incl. VAT)

5 Sheets, Assorted Sand Paper

A pack of assorted sheets of snadpaper of varying grits

€3.51 (incl. VAT)

Polythene Dust Sheet

Heavy duty, perfect for painting. Protects from paint spills, splashes, dirt and dust.

€3.69 (incl. VAT)

Spid red-handle wire brush

€4.24 (incl. VAT)

400ml Cartridge Gun

A robust zinc alloy skeleton gun with a steel trigger for applying cartridges of silicone, caulk etc.

€7.63 (incl. VAT)

Power Pro Gun

<p>The ultimate heavy duty sealant gun, extra pull trigger, hook end and swivel action barrel for both 310ml and 400ml cartridges.</p>

€16.85 (incl. VAT)

Cotton Twill Dust Sheet

Genuine cotton twill, protect from spills, splashes and dust. Strong hardwearing cotton resists wear from tools, stepladders and feet. Reversible, machine washable.

€18.39 (incl. VAT)

Roll Glass Protector - 25m

Glass Protector is the ultimate self adhesive protector ideal to protect glass against the mess, dirt, staining, spillages, and soiling that occurs during general building and decorating work. It also reduces the risk of costly scratches to glass. With the adhesive coating on the outside it is also easy to apply.

€19.93 (incl. VAT)

Laminated Cotton 12 x 9 Dust Sheet

Top quality cotton twill with polythene inter laminate, stops paints and liquids passing through.

€22.45 (incl. VAT)

Roll and Stroll Hard Surface Protector - 25m

Roll and Stroll Hard Surface Protector is the ultimate self adhesive floor protection. It works on all hard surfaces such as timber, laminate, ceramic floors and worktops. With the adhesive coating on the outside it is easy to unwind, safer than dust sheets and has a multitude of uses. It protects against spillage and will not tear or rip.

€30.75 (incl. VAT)

5kg Grade 1 Steel Wool

Rust removal; cleaning glazed tiles; removing marks from wood

€57.50 (incl. VAT)